Explainer Video Examples: Concepts

Visualization of Concepts

Perhaps you have already faced the challenge of introducing your vision or a new concept to your colleagues about for example a more meaningful workflow or similar project. Such an explanation is a challenging task because you can not show the pictures in your head to other people. If your message needs to be understood, the production of an explainer video would be the best solution. It is better than any slides show, is more striking, entertaining and easier to understand. A well-written comment and appropriate music will enhance the effect of such explainer video. The necessary attention is sure!

A useful example for the use of an explainer video was the presentation of the concept Stage-Gate®. Here we have visualized the process and explained how our client, the company Voith, promotes innovations of its employees. These innovations will ideally be successful in the future market. Such tasks are possible only with imaginary, symbolic images. That’s why we visualized them with the help of a 3D animation.

A concept for promoting innovation
Examples for explainer videos: Concept and Image
Here we show an example of the visualization of a concept. It is a concept for the steady increase in successful innovation. The picture was taken from 3D animated explainer video.

Examples for Explainer Videos about Concepts

Here we show you a selection of explainer videos. They are short examples of the presentation of concepts and image films, and they should serve you as inspiration only.
We can create virtual, non-existent worlds. That’s why we mostly use 3D animation technology for such tasks. However, for many works, when, for example, people are necessary for the explanation, the 2D animations are entirely sufficient. Accordingly, you can take a 2D animated explainer videos as a low-cost alternative.
Only your requirement determines the choice of animation type. Usually, the technique for production of an explainer video is not very relevant. The success of video depends on a good idea, beautiful pictures, and a compelling screenplay.

Get in touch with us and let’s talk about how we can illustrate your concept or image in the explainer video.

Abstract illustration of transport tracks (Imageclip)

Abstract presentation of the construction of an industrial plant

Different types of paper (in German, English, Russian, Chinese and Finnish language versions)

Concept of Life Cycle Partnership

Statement of commitment

How to find successful innovations

Symbolic representation of a process management

At the opening of a Paper Technology Center