Explainer Videos Examples: Vegetation and Nature

Simulation of Vegetation and Nature for Explainer Videos

If you decide to make an explainer video about your product, we can show it in a neutral environment, for example on a white background. So, this kind of presentation can be useful if you want to focus solely on your product.
We surround your product with the elements of nature if the pictures should be sympathetic and visually appealing. In this way, you can set your prospects from the very beginning positively.
For example, if you want to present a power plant, the presentation of vegetation and nature is indispensable. Here integration into terrain is essential to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the viewer. The illustration of a natural environment with vegetation creates a positive mood and gives your explainer video a sympathetic appearance. We can include the natural elements in both 2D and 3D animated explainer videos.

Explanainer video with the representation of vegetation and nature
Examples for explainer video: Vegetation and Nature
Here we show an example of the visualization of vegetation and nature. This image was created from a 3D animated explainer video, where we visualized a solar system and its purpose.

Examples of Explainer Videos with the Representation of Vegetation and Nature

Here is a selection of explainer videos depicting vegetation and nature. These are excerpts from our productions. They are kept very short, so you can quickly get an overview of the variety of possibilities.

We cannot force nature into geometric shapes or linear processes. Therefore, the artificially generated representation of natural elements is probably the biggest challenge in the world of 3D computer animations. We illustrate the vegetation and nature for 2D animated explainer video in an abstracted way.

Get in contact with us and let’s talk about whether we should enrich your explainer video with vegetation and nature.

System for ventilation of a family house

Port facility

House on the edge of the forest

Coastal landscape and sea

Production hall with environment

House surrounded by the garden