Explainer Videos Examples

In our more than 25 years of work, we have produced several hundred explainer videos for our customers. Therefore you can see here a small, representative section of our work from the extensive variety of our productions.
They are arranged according to topics so that you can get an overview. These works were realized with small to medium budgets.

The Engineering Products section shows you how we explain technically complex topics. Different examples of explainer videos give you an insight into various techniques for visual communication.

In the section Industrial Plant you will find examples of explainer videos which visualize factories in their complete overview.

You can see how we managed to visualize the energy flow in the section Energy.

It is a challenge to animate water, oil, fire, steam or smoke in a realistically way. But if you want them to follow a particular path or to force them to stay inside of an object, this is even more challenging! In the sections that are dedicated to these natural elements you can see the examples of their visualizations for technical products as well as their usage in a variety of other projects.