We produce videos that
explain how something works.
They are called “Explainer Videos”.

Explainer videos are short animated videos which precisely show how something is done or how something works. They explain the benefits of your product or a business idea, in a simple, engaging and compelling way.

We use 2D animations for illustrating simple themes. However, for complex subjects and products, we preferably use 3D animations, because we can visualize them in 3D space and almost photo-realistically. Explainer videos have a clear message and are therefore easy-to-understand.

For the creation of explainer videos
we use two types of animation techniques:
2D and 3D

Because we use 2D and also
3D animation techniques,
we are able to explain
also very difficult and complex topics.

Explainer Videos 2D Animation Technique

2D Animation

This technique is especially suitable for videos where there is a need for performing persons. It is best used for educational films, such as general rules of conduct, safety training, fire safety measures, and more. The performing characters can speak their comments lip-syncing.

Explainer video 3D animation technique

3D Animation

We use the 3D animations mainly for the explanation of highly complex topics. They give us the possibility to make a photorealistic representation of products.
We mostly use them for the presentation of engineering products or industrial plants. Because of their ability to create photorealistic pictures, their best use case is when you want to “look into” your product to explain its features. In this case, we can make opaque parts transparent or take off all parts that obscure the view.

The big advantage of 2D animated explainer videos is that if there is a need for performing characters they are much cheaper in comparison to videos with real actors.
With 3D animated explainer videos we can show anything that can’t be captured with a video camera.

How Can Explainer Videos Help You?

  • Sales Increase

    With explainer videos you can explain the benefits of your products or services quickly, clearly and easily understandable. Only if your potential customer understands the benefits of your product, he is willing to buy.

  • Motivated Employees

    The rapid development in recent years increased the need for employee training.
    With a 2D animated explainer video, we can present even boring content in an entertaining and structured manner. Whether it’s training on fire safety, safety at work or behavioral rules in the workplace, your employees will grasp the learning material faster and remember it longer.

  • Satisfied Costumers

    Do not leave your customer alone after the purchase! Help him assemble your product correctly with assembly instruction. This way, mistakes can be avoided, and you have a satisfied customer who will gladly come again and buy some more.
    An easy-to-understand instruction manual in the form of an explainer video helps your customer to enjoy all the benefits of the newly acquired product. He feels well supported, will use your services again, and most importantly he will recommend your company to his friends.

  • Find Investor

    Are you a start-up entrepreneur and have an idea or a new invention and you are looking for financing?
    Depending on purpose we will use either 2D or 3D animated explainer video to visualize the meaningfulness and usefulness of your invention in a precisely and easy-to-understand way. When investors understand your idea, their willingness to finance your idea will increase.

You Can Use Explainer Video for a Variety of Business


The explainer video can explain almost everything.
Therefore they are used in various fields. You can see some examples here.

Technical Products

If you want to show the function or the benefits of your technical product, it is very likely that you can’t capture it with a camera. That is why we use a 3D animated explainer video in such cases. The 3D animations give us the possibility to create pictures that show what happens inside of your technical product. For instance, we can make parts of it transparent or blend them away. In this way, we can focus on the items of your product, which are crucial for the understanding of your product benefits.

Industrial Plants

With 3D animated explainer video, we can create an amazingly clear overview of your industrial plant. In this way, we can show all parts of your industrial plant and also illustrate the interconnection between its departments.


It is a challenging task to visualize the forms of energy. Moreover, a lot of people struggle to understand how power is generated.
With a 2D or 3D animated explainer video, we can illustrate this in a way that everybody can understand it.


A solid education of every single employee raises the value of your company. Training materials should be easy to understand so your employee, or even customer can grasp knowledge fast. Explainer videos are ideally suited for training materials like operating, maintenance or assembly instructions.

Simulation of elements of nature in 3D explainer videos


For a better understanding of the benefits of your products and services, sometimes it is necessary to visualize the elements of nature.

By this, we mean the simulations of water, oil, and other liquids, fire, heat, air, gas, steam, smoke, macro-presentations, vegetation, and nature.

Water and Oil

As liquids, we simulate water in nature like rain, oceans, and rivers.
In technology, we animate lubricants or coolants.

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Fire and Heat

We show the fire as a campfire, explosion or fire in a heating system.

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Air, Gas, Steam and Smoke

We show gaseous substances such as air, gas, steam, and smoke more stylized because they are hard to see or they are not visible at all.

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Macro Area

In a macro area simulation, we show the small parts of your products very big.

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Vegetation and Nature

With representations of flowers, meadows, and trees we beautify the environment of your product.

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Made once - used many times


Internet users love videos.

Explainer videos are great for video marketing. Depending on the field of application, we can create different image formats and versions.

For your print documents, we can take pictures directly from the video. Once we made your explainer video with 3D animation technology, we can generate images up to poster size.