Explainer Videos Examples: Technical Products

We Explain Technical Products in an Easily Understandable Way

If you want to show the benefits of your product, it usually has to be in operation mode. In many cases, however, the main benefits are inside of your product and can’t be seen. As a result, your customer can’t grasp the main advantage of your product.

The big advantage of our 3D animated explainer videos rests in the possibility of showing something hidden. That is why we turn the airtight or watertight sealed housing into a transparent surface. Therefore we can reveal the interior of your product. Likewise, safety devices such as photoelectric sensors or limit switches are no longer an issue.

If the essential parts of your product are not visible from the outside, we have many other ways to show its function in the interior. The same applies in case if your product was constructed only in 3D space and you did not build it yet. For this case, a 3D animated explainer video is best suited. You have the opportunity to present your product photo-realistically and in full operational mode.

Presentation of a paper packaging line
Examples for explainer videos: Engineering Products
Here is an example of the visualization of a packaging plant that uses robots to wrap finished paper rolls. This picture was taken from a 3D animated explainer video.

Examples for Explainer Videos about Technical Products

Here are some examples of explainer videos from the field of engineering created with 3D animations. They show how we have solved the often insurmountable problems of our customers, namely the explanation of their products. In most of these clips, you’ll find the techniques discussed above, how to “look inside,” or show off the elements that are crucial to the benefit of your product.
Here you can see snippets of our work to show you how we can solve your problem with a 3D animated explainer.

Get in contact with us and let’s talk about how we can also produce a clear and easy-to-understand explainer video for your technical product.

Upgrade of a gearbox that uses less energy

Headbox in paper production

Unstacking and separating packages

Device for turning packages

Variable use of price tags in the retail sector

Functional explanation of a spreader roll

A process of paper introduction in a winder

Influence of a single ceramic ball in a ball bearing

Turntable for a presentation of a product

Force-free shaking unit in the paper industry

4-stroke engine

Screw-feeder for a wood chip oven

Functional explanation of a control software

Moisture course of a paper web before reeling

Slicing a steam head for a better understanding of the function

Misfeed prevention system

Automatic control of the sieve tension

The control of regulating roll in the paper industry

Turntable for a presentation of a product

Explanation of the winding up of a paper web

Reel spool change during the winding of a paper web

Training video on the correct adjustment of a shoe press

Assembly of spoiler bars inside a drying cylinder