Explainer Video Examples: Fire, Heat

Simulation of Fire and Heat

The fire has always been a fascination for us humans – it gives off soothing heat, but also dangerous heat.
For many products and services, everything revolves around their production and use. Fire and heat can be an integral part of the function and benefits of a product or service.

If you offer a product, which uses fire or heat for its function, you have to explain the benefits of it to stand out from your competitors. Perhaps a picture or graphic can visualize the difference to your competitors. But for a better understanding, it is undoubtedly beneficial to show your product in full operation mode. However, in this case, recordings with a video camera are only very limited or even impossible, because the fire usually burns in closed objects.

With our 3D animated explainer videos, we can “look inside” these spaces and simulate the fire and heat in motion photo-realistically. Your customer can quickly grasp the benefits of your products and most importantly, convince him to buy it.

Illustration of fire in a pellet heating system
Examples for explainer videos: Fire and Heat
Here we show an example of the visualization of fire. The ignition and behavior of fire are an essential part of the explanation of this pellet heating system.

Examples for Explainer Videos with the Simulation of Fire and Heat

Here we show you a selection of explainer videos where the representation of fire and heat was necessary for the understanding of the product characteristics.

Open fires or fireworks are easy to visualize. However, it is much more difficult if the flame has to take a particular shape and may only spread within a given space. With 3D animations, we can adapt the simulation parameters to the requirements needed for the behavior of the fire. We force the flames precisely the way that is required to explain the function of your product.

Get in contact with us and let’s talk about how we can explain your product in the context of fire and heat so that its benefits are easily understandable.

Heating with wood chips

Drying of paper web

Flaming of bitumen board

Heating with firewood

Heating with pellets

Infrared emitter