Explainer Videos Examples: Training

Knowledge is the Key to Success

The most valuable asset of a company is its employees. They should, therefore, get training continuously. Responsible entrepreneurs recognize this as a worthy investment in the future of the company.

You can also train your customers and support them through the purchase funnel and after the sale. First, you can explain the benefits of your product with an explainer video. Secondly, you can give them an easy-to-understand explainer video for a correct order process. Further, you can create an explainer video about proper installation of your product. In this way, they will be able to assemble your product correctly and therefore avoid complaints.
Similarly, an explainer video for operation instructions allows your customer to use the purchased product fully. It increases his satisfaction, he feels well cared for, and he will buy from you again. In the best case, he will recommend your company to his friends.

How to take the right measure and complete the order form
Examples for explainer video: Training
Here we show a guide for how to take the measurement and fill in the order form. It is an explainer video that helps the customer with the order process. This image is from a 2D animated explainer video.

Two managers talk:
“We train the employee, and then he leaves us – that costs a lot of money!”

The other answers:
“Imagine, we do not train him, and he stays!”

Examples of Explainer Videos for Training

Here we show a selection of examples for explainer videos in the field of training. These examples are kept very short, so you can quickly get an overview of the variety of possibilities.

For instructional videos and training, it is often beneficial to present people or characters. In such cases, we recommend 2D animated explainer videos. These are much less expensive than videos captured with a video camera. We use 3D animations when we have to explain complex issues, and a representation of people is not necessary. In this case, we move the parts of your product with an invisible hand, and therefore nothing is hidden, everything is visible.

Get in touch with us and let’s talk about how we can create your education and training materials.

Assembly instructions for a room ventilator

Staff training

Instructions for covering a dormer window

Instructions for measuring a round dormer

Installation instructions for a wall cover

Montageanleitung zur Abdichtung von Dehnfugen an Bauwerken

Anleitunge für Wartungsarbeiten an einem Stoffauflauf bei der Papiererzeugung

Montageanleitung für Störleisten in einem Trockenzylinder

Instructions for changing a reel drum

Correct seal change on steam heads

Instructions for installing a room ventilator

Presentation of computer software for machine control

Presentation of computer software for machine control

Instructions for cleaning work on a coater unit

Detailed instructions for removing a steam box

Presentation of computer software for machine control

Presentation of computer software for machine control