Explainer Videos Examples: Energy

We Illustrate the Invisible Energy

Digitization is conquering more and more our area of life with a multitude of new, smart products and services. As a result, of course, energy consumption continues to increase. The search for new, green energy is more than ever an urgent need. In this whole cycle must not be forgotten on the subject of energy saving.

A new kind of environmentally friendly energy generation very often requires an entirely new concept, which is utterly unknown to the future operator – in the best case your customer. That’s why for him, it is usually tough to recognize and understand the function and advantages of this new system. With a 2D or 3D animated explainer video, we can help you to convey the benefits of your product quickly. The energy or energy flow cannot be recorded with a video camera. With the 3D animation technique in the explainer video, we can show that in a very photorealistic and compelling way. For a more abstract, schematic representation, the 2D animation technique is better.

Visual representation of the energy flow
Examples for explainer videos: Energy
Here we show an example of the visualization of energy flow. It is the pantograph for a tram or electrically operated railway. The picture was taken from a 3D animated explainer video.

Examples for Explainer Videos about Energy Visualizations

The examples of explainer videos on energy production shown here are a small selection from our commissioned work. We present the energy, its extraction, transport, and impact in many different ways. We would be delighted if you too can find an example here that can inspire you and bring you new ideas.

Get in contact with us, and we will find a way of presenting your product and the invisible power and the flow of energy.

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Heating and cooling with solar energy

Battery operation for trams

Relocation and service of a tidal power plant

Electric drive for trams

Filling a furnace with pellets