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Simulations and Representations in the Macro Area

Increasingly more features of the products and their advantages are only recognizable in the macro area. These features are very difficult or sometimes impossible to capture with a video camera. If your product differs only in the microscopic range from those of your competitors, you have the opportunity to strikingly emphasize these differences with animation in 2D or 3D. Your prospects, who often lack the expertise, can more easily understand the benefits of your products. Use the possibilities of an explainer video for the representation of macro areas and present your product with big pictures from the small world.

Illustration of macro area in 2D and 3D of a small blade which is not bigger than one millimeter
Examples for explainer videos: Macro Area
Here we show an example of the macro area presentation. It is the visualization of the behavior of a blade when scraping the paper web from a roll. The purpose of this explainer video was to show the action of the paper web as the blade edge wear progresses. In this 3D animated explainer video, we also added a 2D illustration for better understanding.

These Examples Show the Small World Very Big

In the macro section, we can play the full power of 3D animation technology. There is almost nothing we can not visualize. Presentations of the macro area will be particularly interesting for your customers because they usually never get to see such views.
We produce images with the 3D animation technique if the topic requires photorealistic representation. On the other hand, we use the 2D animation technique for abstract representations.

The following examples give you a short overview of explainer videos for the presentation in the macro area.

Get in contact with us and let’s talk about how we can significantly enhance the effect of understanding for your products advantages by visualizing their properties in the macro area.

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Representation of progressive metal corrosion

Application of the paint on a board paper

Sieve construction

The behavior of the paper web with progressive wear of the blade edge

Water penetrates a dry felt

Water drainage on a roll cover

Abstract illustration of X-ray irradiation

Abstract representation of atoms