Explainer Videos Examples: Air, Gas, Steam, Smoke

The invisible – Air, Gas, Steam or Smoke

Air, gas, steam or smoke are materials in a gas form that have no solid shapes and are often invisible or difficult to see. However, gaseous substances are widely used in industry and play very often a decisive role.
In the case of cooling pads developed for cooling dairy products, uniform air distribution is the most crucial task. The steam in a drying cylinder heats the cylinder. As a result, the cylinder is drying the paper web. The gases in an infrared heater cause the heat. The guidance of the smoke in a heating system influences the heat output.

Air, gas, steam or smoke can significantly affect the quality of products and services. That’s why it is crucial, that we explain their behavior well. Because they are very difficult or nearly impossible to capture with a video camera, we use 3D animated explainer videos for their visualization. As a result, a customer gets a better understanding of their impact on the benefits of your product.

Hot drying cylinder heated with steam
Examples for explainer video: Air, Gas, Steam and Smoke
This picture you can see the visualization of steam. It is the sectional view of a cylinder heated with the steam. The illustration shows both the steam supply and the removal of condensed water. This image was created from a 3D animated explainer video.

Examples of Simulation and Visualization of Air, Gas, Steam and Smoke

Here is a selection of explainer videos that required the representation of air, gas, steam or smoke to understand products and their benefits.

Because gaseous substances cannot be seen, we have to visualize them symbolically. For example, we show the air as thin white threads, which are dyed accordingly as hot air. For steam, we often use a cloudy representation. A particular task is to keep these gaseous substances in a designated space. That’s why in such cases we use finely tuned parameters for their simulation.

Get in touch with us and let’s talk about how we can explain the benefits of your product with gaseous substances in an explainer video.

Illustration of steam in the drying cylinder

Cooling by blowing cold air

Non-contact deflection of a paper web

Functional explanation of cooling cushions

Smoke flow in an oven

Cold air flows from cooling panels

Stabilization of a paper web by suction air

Air duct in suction rolls

Strip transfer by compressed air

Gases for generating infrared radiation

Sieve cleaning by compressed air

Drying of a paper web by hot air