Explainer Videos Examples: Water, Oil

  Simulation of Water and Oil for Explainer Videos

For many technical products or industrial plants, oil lubrication or water cooling are an essential feature of their function.
For example, we simulated oil in an explainer video about an invention that lowers the oil consumption of the gearbox, where efficiency stays the same. Or, the visualization of water, where we showed the purification of water in a filter system.

Very often you have to look inside of the product and see how the fluid behaves if you want to realize the benefits of a product. Therefore, it is critical for the understanding that we explain the impact of water or oil on products property.

The simulation of water, oil, or any other fluid is a challenging task for an explainer video. It gets challenging when the liquids have to flow inside of dedicated space. This circumstance happens in technical products all over again. Whether in the form of oil as a lubricant or water for cooling, liquids are always restricted in their movements and must interact with the environment.

We can also represent the water in nature, such as rain, a waterfall or the ocean. The algorithms for the simulation of liquids have been getting better over the years. A truly photorealistic simulation of fluids is extremely time-consuming and is currently only used in Hollywood movies.

Adding chemicals to a liquid
Examples for explainer videos: Water and Oil
Here we show an example of the visualization of liquid. It is a dosing system for adding chemicals to a liquid. This image was created from a 3D animated explainer video.

Examples of Explainer Videos Depicting Water and Oil

Here are excerpts from our explainer videos that show the possibilities for visualization of liquids with 3D animations. Whether water falls into an open pool, when rain falls from the sky, or oil is used to cool gears – anything is possible.

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Oil lubrication on a spur gear

Realistic illustration of water

Lubrication and cooling of sealing strips in a suction roll during paper production

Mix and inject the suspension for papermaking

Filter system

Flow simulation based on computer calculations

Representation of the ocean

Mixing various liquids

Waterproofing against the ingress of rainwater

Cleaning process for waste paper processing

Dryer fabric cleaning

Dewatering of the paper web by vacuum suction

Ocean surf

Cleaning of forming fabrics by compressed air and water